Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holiday's ya'll! As most of you know, Meag & I have spent the past week apart. She is in South Carolina visiting family and I am back in Michigan...needless to say, it's sucked! She comes home Sunday tho :-) This is hopefully the last Christmas we will spend apart, I would love to see what a non-white Christmas looks like (kinda haha I do like my snow). Just wanted to do a quick update and check up on everyone. It's finally been snowing here and we have been able to get some snowboarding in. Meag is learning slowly but surely and I couldn't be more happier/proud of her!We plan on going New Year's Eve day and then i'm not real sure what our plans are for the night, but as long as we are together we will have fun. How was everyone's Christmas & what are some of your plans for New Years? I personally can not WAIT for 2013....Meag & I have huge plans and we can not wait to be able to share them with you...with time. Here are a few pics so enjoy...
Meag happy with her progress :-)

Ice Skating in Grand Rapids

Meag home in SC :-) She is beautiful...


Christmas Eve @ my Grandparents