Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A New Day

Hello i've come to the conclusion that we are completely awful at our blog and I apologize for that! We have had a very stressful past week or so...we had finally heard back on "our" house and it turns out the offer was not enough...they wanted a lot more, which we were not able to do. We gave up all hope, but then yesterday we heard back saying we could do another offer, so we did. We now sit and wait...again and hope that this time it will go through. Fingers crossed please!

We spend the last opening weekend snowboarding at Cannonsburg and needless to say it was an awesome day! It was good to ride w/some great people and end the season on a high note.
We have had a wonderful sickness going around our household lately (a nasty stomach bug along with a sinus/uri issue). It all started with my brother Kyle (who I will blame haha), moved to my step-father and then on to Meaghn and now on to me. Thankfully I am feeling better, just needed to get it out of our system I guess. This lovely bipolar Michigan weather is NOT helping our cause at all either lol, I am beyond ready for spring/summer.
I'm sure most everyone has heard about the Sepreme Court cases here in the US last week, I know they will probably not come to any conclusion until June or so but my fingers are crossed that people one day will see there is no difference between my relationship and yours. We are all human. There have been plenty of comments I wish I would not of read, but could not help myself. It amazes me how hateful and rude some people can be. I do not judge you for your views on things, so do not judge me for mine. We are all equal.
In other great news, NBC Today show host Jenna Wolfe announced that her and her partner of 3 years, Stephanie Gosk are expecting a baby girl in August! How awesome, not only to come out to the world but also that they are expecting! It is always great to hear about other LGBT couples coming out, especially people we see on a daily basis. Here is a link to Jenna's blog below:

We hope all is well w/everyone...let us know if ya'll have any questions or what to know anything about us! :-)