Monday, October 29, 2012

6 months and counting...

Hello Everyone!!
So if you guys read our Love Story, You may know that Shelby and I have now lived in Michigan for 6 months!! I can't believe it! It all has gone by SO fast.. maybe because we've actually been pretty busy since moving here in April. With saying all of that, I (M) thought I would give y'all a little overview of what we've been up too over the past six months.
As I said before, We packed our belongings and headed north from Nashville, TN to Grand Rapids, MI on April 10, 2012.
Her mom made us a cute little sign!
I was able to celebrate S's 25th birthday with her for only the 2nd time since we've been together on May 13th! That month we also celebrated the graduation of S's little brother, Kyle!
Shelby was born and raised on a farm so in June, I experienced bailing hay for the first time! Let me just say it was HOT and those bails are HEAVY.

I decided to dress for the occasion HA!
A few weeks later.. we decided to get our first tattoos together. This was only my second one.. S has a lot more than I do..
S on left, M on right
We spent most of July at the beach (AKA the lake).. yes, confusing. Michigan doesnt have an actual OCEAN, but they do have a lake that is about as big as an ocean; AKA Lake Michigan. So people in Michigan call lakes, the "beach".. funny huh? I also experienced shooting a gun for the first time. (WATCH OUT) ;)
In August, Shelby finally got to come home to South Carolina with me to visit my family and friends! This was the first time we actually got to spend time in South Carolina together since I was in my freshman year of college! We had a lot of fun shopping, (Target, of course), watching the first football game of the season, and spending lots of time laughing at my cute nephew's dance moves! (Video below)
S loves the palm trees
 Sexy and I Know It
On September 24th, I celebrated my 21st Birthday!! Finally LEGAL!!
Olive Garden
 Then we played Dress Up at Target
Lastly, this month (October) I was able to go to my first Red Flannel Festival! This is a festival that Shelby's small town hosts every year. Eveyone obviously wears red, they have a parade (mostly full of tractors and bands from local schools), and there is always an annual Beer Tent that we also attended. A few weeks ago, I was able to go to my FIRST hockey game ever!! Lets just say, It was AWESOME. Sports on ICE and $1 Beers & $1 hotdogs.. It couldn't get any better than that! Although, I must say, seeing Pitch Perfect was the highlight of my October so far. If you have not yet seen this movie, DO IT!! You will not be disappointed. Promise.
Wearing our Red for Red Flannel!
$1 Beers at the Griffin's Game!
GO.SEE.IT. You will laugh hysterically!! :D
P.S... Our Saturday's mostly consists of at least ONE football game, if not both! Go Cocks & Go Spartans!!



  1. I love this post, sounds like you are having so much fun in Michigan! I especially love it because its exactly how I want to end up, living with Sarah in Idaho - summers floating the river, autumns watching Boise State football, winters skiing, and just doing amazing country stuff (like that red flannel festival and ice hockey - how awesome!!) - don't get me wrong, I love London & the UK, but I would KILL to be able to spend a few years in Boise with my love!!

    Laura xoxo

  2. Aww I hear Idaho is gorgeous all year round! That would be amazing if you all got to move here to live for a bit! Just give it time and all things will fall in to place.


  3. Looks like you have had a fabulous 6 months.....
    Wish we had Target here.... I loved it when we went there when we were in the States. Xx

  4. I am incredibly impressed by the $1 beers; there are definitely some things which the USA does better than the UK! Also, the beach / lake looks amazing - especially when it's currently so cold over here! This post makes me want to visit the states next summer...

    Carley x

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